Freelancing Apps: 7 Mobile Invoicing Tools

Perhaps you are wondering why you need to add an invoicing app to your already existing plethora of mobile applications. 

Do it for your freelance business.

An invoice is a document that increases your chances of getting paid. 

Invoicing apps allow you to run your business from anywhere. You can process and update transactions on the go. 

You will also be able to track and manage your business financial insights right from your mobile device.

We have highlighted below seven of our favorite invoicing apps with their features. Feel free to pick any one of them to get started.


Wave is a free and easy-to-use invoicing app that’s perfect for freelancers and small business owners. It’s quick, easy to use, and you’ll save time by not having to create new invoices from scratch every time.

You will be able to create an unlimited number of professional invoices for as many clients as you want. 

Wave enables you to customize an invoice to suit your business needs. You can add a logo and other relevant business information. In addition to generating reports and automating billing, you will be able to track expenses and business records.


FreshBooks is online accounting software for business owners, freelancers, and accountants. It is designed for business owners and accountants and requires some business experience to use. 

Like Wave, FreshBooks offers a number of features to streamline your bookkeeping. You can use the FreshBooks app to process payments, build reports, track time, automate communications with clients and collaborate with teams.

Regardless of the type of business services you offer, you can download FreshBooks today and start optimizing your business records. 


Invoicely enables you to organize billings and expenses in any currency. The free cloud-based invoicing platform is easy-to-use and beginner-friendly. With Invoicely, you can track your finances, make online payments, customize unlimited invoices, and automate reminders.

Invoicely allows you to manage multiple businesses on one account, unlike other invoicing apps. Using one dashboard, you can modify templates to suit your business needs, manage cash flow, and track it all.

If you’re looking for an invoicing tool to start out with, Invoicely is a perfect fit. You can set up an account easily and start invoicing right away.


Harvest is a time-tracking software that generates invoices for your work hours automatically. You can also create invoices manually by inputting relevant business information.

Integration with Stripe and Paypal will enable clients to pay faster.

With Harvest, you can receive payments, create invoices, document expenses, set automatic payment reminders, and manage team collaborations. 

Harvest is an excellent tool for freelance project managers, creatives, developers, designers, writers, and editors for tracking work hours and getting paid.


QuickBooks, also known as Intuit QuickBooks, is an online invoicing and accounting software for small businesses and freelancers. It is an easy-to-use app that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. 

With Intuit QuickBooks, you can track your cash flow, create reports, track profits or losses, plan expenses, make sales, make payments, set payment reminders, track invoices, and monitor your overall business insights.

QuickBooks makes accounting easy for individuals who are not accounting experts.


One key feature of Xero is unlimited users for every plan. If you have a large team, Xero is your go-to app. This invoicing software is suitable for users with a basic understanding of accounting. It allows you to focus on your important to-dos while simplifying your daily business tasks. 

Xero allows you to track your expenses and profit, accept payments, monitor and organize expenses, track payments, perform bank reconciliation, capture financial data, take inventory, create expense forms, and generate reports.  


Lano is an invoicing app for freelancers and self-employed individuals. It is secure and beginner-friendly. Its features allow you to manage your financial data and documents in one place.

With Lano, you can optimize your cash flow, organize clients’ financial records, create unlimited invoices for an unlimited number of clients, process payments via credit cards or bank transfers, track and automate payments. 

If you are a freelance copywriter, content creator, and small business owner, Lano will make a great fit for invoicing software for you.

Now, what Invoicing tool is ideal for me?

Invoicing has become easier, thanks to technology. If you’re new to invoicing, the first step is for you to identify what invoicing tool you’d like to use for your business and sign up for a free trial to check if it has the necessary features you need.. 

A good number of invoicing software such as Harvest, FreshBooks, and QuickBooks will allow you to have a free trial. However, Wave, Invoicely, and Lano are completely free invoicing software. 

Once you’ve done this, you’d be able to know which tool best suits your business needs. With the right invoicing app, you will be able to deliver professional invoice templates to your clients and gradually build your professional brand.

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