How to Write Subject Lines that Increase Open Rates

Do you know the most important part of your email is the subject line?

Why, you ask? Well, this is because your subject line determines, to a large extent, whether people are going to open your email or not.

Here are some tips to consider when writing subject lines to increase open rates.

1. Be simple, specific and concise

Audiences engage with content that makes sense to them. If you use big words or technical lingo, you are likely to lose your reader’s attention.
People also don’t want to have to wonder if your email’s copy might interest them. A specific subject line will let them know immediately what’s inside the Email.

2. Personalize the title

A recent study showed that personalizing an email subject line using someone’s name can, on average (depending on industry), increase the open rate by nearly 30%.
When possible, find a way to include your reader’s name in the subject line. But just be sure not to overdo

It’s the biggest tech event of the year, [Name] are you ready?

3. Avoid Spam Words

The last thing you want is for your Email to go into your reader’s spam folder. Although there are several things that contribute to an email being flagged as spam, you can avoid some of the obvious like using ”buzz words” such as ”100% free” ”free gift” ”earn extra cash”.

Finally, you have to keep testing your email subject lines to analyze what ultimately works for you. However, you are sure to start seeing a difference as long as you follow the tips above.

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